Milagros writes for a living.

WriterDesign is a project of the heart, borne in the early 2000’s when the author, Milagros Viquez, decided to flex her writing muscles on the freshly minted World Wide Web.  Like many great ideas, it came out of nowhere, and soon thereafter she named every project “Writer Design” including several dozen iterations of earlier websites – LiveJournal one of them!

After working in the business world for thirteen years, Viquez turned a new leaf, nosediving into freelance writing work, covering stories for top national publications and regional ones as well.  Here resides a collection of her writings, where Viquez continues to build her portfolio, writing for creative outlets, scientific outlets, for corporations, and for herself.  She is most active in MiamiArtZine and Trillionaire Magazine.

Viquez is originally from Granada, Nicaragua, moving to Miami with her parents, and two older sisters, as political exiles after the Civil War in Nicaragua that ravaged the country inside and out.  She has lived here ever since, and has grown to love Miami for the wonderfully diverse city that it is, and hopes to contribute to its cultural growth in her own way.

She loves animals (cats, dogs, and horses), flowers (tulips and gardenias), old books (especially their smell), new books, interior design, travel, Asian culture, and hugs.

If you are interested in hiring Viquez on a freelance basis, feel free to contact her through this site, or email her directly at milagros . viquez @ gmail . com.

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