Human beings can be volatile creatures, more specifically when it comes to our emotions. Speak to anyone who has been in an on/off relationship with a significant other, and they will tell you that this person could be the person they loved the most – and just as easily, hated the most. And what made the difference? What flipped the switch from one extreme to the other, in what psychologists in the marketing world call emotional “hubris”? Well, sometimes the answer is not so easy, but it has to do with our own self-perception and how we identify with the other person.

Our relationship with brands is no different. Anthromorphosizing a brand is something very easy to do and in fact, encouraged by companies. It is much more effective to identify – and differentiate – one brand from another if we give them human qualities. Ferrari for example came to be a premier car luxury brand as a result of it being equated to winning, which means being the best.